How to prepare for a Psychometric Assessment:

November 19, 2018




This is often something that job applicants go through with high anxiety and fear. Here’s a few top tips on how to prepare yourself:


  1. Get a goodnight’s rest the night before:

Most of what is assessed is content that the applicants know already because the level of complexity is matched with the job you’re applying for. If you don’t get appropriate rest you’re likely to make mistakes you wouldn’t ordinarily make and struggle with questions that would have been simple for you. Get a good night’s rest the night before, have a good breakfast and if you have time a short burst of exercise for an endorphin boost!



2. Focus on balancing speed and accuracy:


Most of the ability assessments are not designed for you to finish all the questions, you are given a short time just to add some pressure. Bear in mind that finishing everything with nothing right will not be beneficial, and also that doing 5/100 questions and getting all of them right may also be too slow. Maintain a good balance between being fast and accurate. 



3. Be yourself: 


When completing personality questionnaire; just answer honestly, don’t try and create an ideal profile. Try not to overthink or craft your answers and answer as honestly as possible because most personality tests have an inbuilt measure to check whether you were consistent in your answers and to what extent you tried to portray yourself in an overly positive manner


4.  Explore practice tests online:


If this will reduce your anxiety; check for practice tests online so you can get an idea of what the actual experience will be like. Get yourself used to using a computerised system for tests, if you haven’t done it in a while. 


5. On the day:


Pay close attention to each instruction and example, a lot of candidates tend to feel the time pressure and rush to answer; and don’t take enough time to understand the questions. Most times the trick is really in taking time to carefully read the questions. 

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