Lessons learnt from Strawberry Picking

November 15, 2016



So I wanted to share with you that business lessons are always around us even when we are not actually in 'business-mode'. This weekend I went strawberry picking with my family and friends. It was a beautiful day, sun and wind all at the same time , typical Cape Town weather ;). 


One of the first things that caught my eye was a Tip that said "Try not to pick in the first few rows, chances are everyone has picked the good ones there already"

As we got closer to the field, we were drawn to the first few rows (despite seeing the handy Tip!) My husband insisted we walk further and go where there were less people; it was quite hot and we were not so keen since we had strawberries right there! 

We eventually obliged and got to the best spot further up where there were not a a lot of people picking! The strawberries were much bigger than those at the beginning, had we not gone further up, we would've had a full basket of average strawberries! 

Do you find that despite everyone giving you all the handy tips on entrepreneurship and starting your business or ensuring that its sustainable that you keep taking the easy route? Going to free seminars, looking for free software, free consults and the list goes on?  Truth is, that will give you some results, it will get you somewhere but is it really enough to get you the results you truly desire?


Are you putting in the work and going the extra mile that no one else is willing to do? 

I want to share that the harvest is truly phenomenal when you do this! 





This picture doesnt show that there were more than 100 people picking strawberries at the same time as we were! 

I challenge you today, to go the extra mile, invest in yourself and your business. Find out how my coaching services can help get you the success that you desire and deserve!

Let's work on your success together, contact me and let's chat!





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